here’s a challenge for you

if you were to draw/describe a “thunderbird”, what would it look like?

  1. humingyay said: A pokémon
  2. thepsychobreak answered: Zapdos
  3. sparklingolivejuice answered: thunderbirds.sfdaydream…  : p
  4. bitterature answered: It’s a car I think so I visualise a sports car
  5. waalkchan answered: A quick, bright orange and white creature that cracks a spark noise when it flight close to you,for the few seconds it appears to our world
  6. purpleronin answered: what you mean like the big green one that’s all fat and they keep it in the basement and in it’s stomach is the little yellow drill one
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    hey ohhicas you wanna help out here :)
  8. radiatorhead answered: i’d describe a thunderbird as FAB ahahahahahahh
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